Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Skater Girl must have been out of the fashion/ blogging world for too long. Since when is a jersey dress called a skater dress? Isn't that something Avril Lavigne would wear as opposed to a very on-trend Topshopper giving a nod to 90s?

I am confused...

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Roberto Burnissimo

Last night I organised a much needed meeting for my Brikolage group to discuss how we were realistically going to get the magazine in print due to extreme financial disabilities. Although we are contacting potential advertisers we haven't given ourselves plenty of time to chase them all up without harassing them so much that we put them off completely. This is partially our fault and partly the cause of some people promising help and letting us down; however the latter cannot be helped and we simply have to get on with it as best we can! Which we are doing and even if we only get it out online it looks GREAT and will definitely be in print soon.

So I decided to host the meeting at mine for a change, but had forgotten it was Burns night. When I realised this I sent my brother out on a hunt for enough veggie haggis to feed 10. I love an excuse for veggie haggis it is DELICIOUS. The other day I went to The Compass in Edinburgh with my boyfriend and had a veggie haggis burger. No words can describe how sinfully delicious it was. Apart from; not as sinfully delicious as their Sailor Jerry, chocolate and chestnut cake! Oh my goodness...

Sorry, drifted off into a fantasy world of chocolate, rum and haggis there. Snap back to reality! Unfortunately there was no veggie haggis to be found at 6.30pm on Burns night in Leith so we had to opt for a last minute cheap and cheerful dish (as well as almost the only thing people think I cook): spaghetti!!

Yummy scrummy spaghetti. I do love it. It also went down a treat, with my brother deciding to call it Roberto Burnissimo night and I reciting an ode to the spaghetti. So the house was a complete mess by the end, considering I had sent a text to everyone asking if someone could bring a dessert and everyone did!! Four cakes and a couple bottles of red wine later and I'm passed out i front of the fire feeling very satisfied....

Just as a side note I have been lusting after this backless Jimmy Choo for H&M for a while...they sell it online but not in the UK n'arg.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Winter Wonderfilmland

Throughout the Christmas period I have made a point of seeing as many movies as I could possibly cram in to my busy schedule. And this time, may I add, it is actually pretty busy. After being a puppeteer for Big Man Walking (if you don't know it check it out, it was amazing) and walking him up the Royal Mile in Edinburgh on New Years Day I have landed a job selling him to European festivals for 2010. It's hard work, especially as everyone is skint and very busy, but someone has to do it!

I have also been writing for The Scotsman. This part is unpaid, but very good experience and I am regularly seeing my name in print. I have written '48 hours in...' for almost every city I can think of that I have been to. I must admit there was one (48 hours in...Tel Aviv) that I haven't been to, but that is I haven't been to it YET. My cousin lives there and I am definitely planning a trip there soon. And doing the '48 hours in...' really got me excited at seeing all the cool things I can do there.

I am also trying to get Brikolage back on track, which is proving very difficult! Mainly as I need to pin people down and get them to finish the work they said they were going to do...but isn't that always the way! So if you want to get involved in the exciting new magazine then visit out Facebook site. It tells you all about it and will have to do until the website gets up and running. Which will be soon. Hopefully.

I'm also rehearsing a short 4 minute cabaret piece with my brother and a friend which involves my brother and I manipulating a very sexy lady puppet named Marzipan dueting with a saxophone on 'Baby it's cold outside'. That will be on at the Traverse in Edinburgh as part of Manipulate festival - I'm very excited!

On top of that I am still living in a lovely land of lusting after clothes. From the fringed suede jacket which I am yet to post an image of as I am embarrassed asking anyone to take a pic of me, but look awful when I take a photo of gorgeous Irregular Choice shoes which I wear non stop to a fabulous H&M dress I got in the labyrinthine Copenhagen store. I tried to find a picture of it online, but failed. Instead I found this amazing Jimmy Choo for H&M dress for you to ogle at! *drool*

Oh, and here I am all distracted and realising I haven't even mentioned the films I have seen. And I have made myself forget them all...
The most recent I saw was It's Complicated. Absolutely ridiculous if only for the horror caused by Steve Martin's blown up face. Truly grotesque. Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep were great. Pretty silly film, but enjoyable. I'd say a 3 star affair.
Then I also saw The Road which was excellent, but very harrowing. The most accurate post apocalyptic film I've seen, though saying that I tend to avoid that genre as it makes me feel pretty miserable.
I saw Where the Wild Things Are which I found incredibly depressing. It left the audience with absolutely no hope. I was wanting something a bit more fun; in the book Max is just a naughty kid with a great imagination, I think there could have been a lot of fun had with this! But instead it had to go all psychological and deep and made me feel utterly depressed.

There are more, but my reviews are short and not very interesting so if I think of something wild and wacky then I'll post that up in another blog. I will end on one more film note though which is I cannot WAIT for Alice in Wonderland. Even if it's not great in any other way visually it will be superb.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Merry Festive Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

I have been to Copenhagen for Glog and Danish carols; danced crazy ceilidhs and sung Auld Lang Syne on Hogmanay and walked an 8 metre blue man up the Royal Mile on the 1st of the 10s!

I think I have just about recovered.