Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Edinburgh Mag

My brother Ewan Macintyre, creator of the Big Freak, is starting his own Edinburgh based magazine with a focus on local artists; musicians, painters, film makers, designers, performers, creators and innovators. He asked me if I want to be editor. Do I want to be editor? Hell yeah.

Sure, it's an ambitious project with no initial pay and lots of hard work. Sure there is no guarantee that it will become a success. But, and the 'but' is a big 'BUT', it is exciting. It is something that needs to be done and it is something I love doing. So, there was no question in my mind as to whether or not I would do it.

The first issue will only be 12 pages, a tester, and will be in print on the 11th March. My first feature is going to concentrate on a girl who calls herself 'Knitty Kitty'. As the name suggests her products are handmade, mostly knitted, goods.

Amongst my personal favourites:

'Bill Oddity skirt with Leather Bird'

Her quirky one of a kind earring collection

'Royal Ascot Bespoke Fry Up bag'

Keep checking for news on the mag itself and the full article!!

Friday, 20 February 2009

If nautical nonsene be something you wish...

...then hop on the deck and flop like a fish! Oh sorry, took the Spongebob reference to far there.

In fact, if ye be seeking nautical nonsense then pretty much anywhere on the high street is where ye scurvy landlubbers should be heading!

On my way home I made a few stops into the shops lining Buchanan street and, gorgeous velvet "with it" wedges from Office aside, noticed a few nice items highlighting the current sailor/ preppy trend.

Here's just a couple of my picks from the high street.

New Look
Bird print dress £25 Stripe Bow Court which also comes in Navy £25

Knitted stripe top £32
Matelot hotpants £28

eek run out of time before work

to be continued...

just YouTube it

We all know already the joys of youtube. You want to catch up on a random episode of some programme or another? As long as you don't mind watching everything in under 10 minute parts then NO PROBLEM. So much so that the broadcasters now promote their programmes on youtube so a simple case of typing in the name of something won't necessarily take you there so easily.

Youtube has become well known for it's library of short hilarious and random clips, such as "charlie bit me" or the poor grandmothers reaction upon being shown "two girls one cup". A short while ago, however, I found an entirely new use for it which although has been around for ages I thought was necessary to share as it really does, for me, give an excellent example of the wonders of youtube.

Last year when I was entering my rockabilly faze full on I realised I had to know how to do the hairstyles. I initially stumbled upon some websites devoted to vintage style providing pictures or step by step instructions for pin curls etc. But, it wasn't until I went on youtube and came across a multitude of videos SHOWING how to do victory rolls that I realised this site was useful as well as entertaining. Granted, a lot of videos are rubbish and not all methods of doing certain hairstyles were the same. But, only a few minutes later I had found the video for me.

Unfortunately my hair is too short right now as it is still growing out from the major chop I had before. I was recently reminded of these step by step videos though because, despite the challenging hair length, I am getting myself excited about the things I can do with it when it grows a few more inches. There I was; watching girls show me how to do a classic 40s chic pin-up style do when I see a link to fellow blogger vintageortacky showing how she does her inventive catwalk inspired make-up designs! Make-up too? Fantastic!!

I especially liked her Artemis in her Sailor Moon series.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Betsey's Diner

I remember the first time I came across Betsey Johnson. It was my joint 16th birthday treat with my cousin, who is also my best friend, and whose birthday lies only a couple of months before mine. We were treated by our grandmother to a trip to New York with her and my mother.

My aunt, the author Lauren Henderson, was living in the heart of SoHo at the time and as a local, naturally, took us shopping. I remember Betsey Johnson in particular, not because of the clothes, but by the illustrations decorating the shop walls. The cartoonishly kitsch, yet glamorous girls.

Not to say I did not like the clothes either. It appealed to the 'alternative' style path I followed in my mid-teen 'Hole' faze. Corsets, girlish prints in black, white and pink, skulls and, above all, tutus.

Looking at her fall 09 collection it can be safely said that not too much has changed in this respect. Her designs are still very much cutesy girl with a rockabilly punk edge. She didn't even take her designs to the runway; instead showcasing her work in a 50s style diner with her infamous illustrations claiming the place as her own.

I may be 6 years older than when I first fell in love with Betsey, but I still found myself longing to snatch up half of her clothes as I eagerly devoured photographs of her new collection. Perhaps it is because I am still a girly girl at heart. Perhaps it is because her style is so street worthy. So very New York cool, yet in no way New York chic. And although I do love chic, sometimes all I want to do is run around in a tutu and a skull print cardigan with ribbons on my stockings.

Saying all that her designs aren't exactly stuck in a rut. She simply marks everything as her own very clearly. I mean, who else would have designed rose print harem pants?

Monday, 16 February 2009

Photo Shoot

I briefly mentioned before I disappeared from blogging for almost two entire months that I was about to help out a friend of a friend on a photography course by styling her shoot. So, a month late, here are some photos from the shoot.

It was a 50s inspired fashion shoot. Although it is more a series of flattering photos of my friend Sophie who is the model I was impressed with my hair styling skills and the fact I had no budget so had to use entirely my own clothes and fashion them to fit her although we are between two and three sizes apart. So perhaps something to put toward a portfolio. And definitely, if nothing else, a lot of fun.

Photography: Siobhan Hall

Model: Sophie McCabe

Hair: Rachael Macintyre

Make-Up: Sophie McCabe

Stylist: Rachael Macintyre

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Be My Kitsch Valentine

Happy Valentine's day everyone! A day which the cynics among us (i.e. most of us) will brand as a day invented by greetings care companies. Yet it is still a day which takes over the streets with pink and red love hearts, teddy bears and other cute and cuddly creatures. Every restaurant is booked out with tables for two. Every bar is full of groups declaring that they are "young, free and single and proud of it"

I am torn between my distaste for Valentine's Day and the inability to shake off the inevitable effect it has on me. Although I tell my loved one I do not care if we do anything (we are in fact both working in the same bar together tonight anyway which provides us with limited romantic options) I know I would be disappointed if I did not receive anything even if it was a flower stolen from someones garden or a heart shaped lollipop bought in Spar for 50p. Whatever. I don't care. Don't get me anything. Don't do anything. It's a stupid holiday. I'm not bothered. Much.

I on the other hand have done nothing. My plan for the end of our shift has collapsed as I am waiting for my cheque to clear. However I will improvise. I have a selection of heart shaped ginger bread cookies with a tube of soft icing, sugar hearts and pink sugar bought from Asda. "Love Art" as they are aptly named. Decorate one for him and that is my idea of a perfect Valentine's gift.

I concluded that what I love about Valentine's is the kitsch tack that surrounds it. Within a sort of bizarre reason I love the pink cutesy vomit inducing confectionery and the fluffy cards which leave feathers drifting up your nostrils. I also like the American influenced tradition given to me by my mum of Valentine's not being exclusively for partners, but for friends and family; those of us who we love. In fact, I have spent my previous Valentine's, whether with or without partner, giving cards to friends. The other day I bought my friend Laura a pink and white cupcake from Greggs which came with a pink and sparkly ring. Tasty and fashionable.

So whether you are ignoring it, celebrating it or did not even know it was on until I went on about it: have a good night!!

Oh and Happy Valentine's Day.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Innocent Thievery

Although working in a bar is not the most inspiring of jobs it certainly does have its benefits in the form of free stuff. And I do love free stuff.

After a certain amount of time unclaimed items become property of whoever gets their hands on them first and I try my hardest to ensure that this is usually me. In the time I have been working in my bar I have acquired a man's grey cardigan which I am certain is pricey as it is very good quality; warm, looks good and is worn to death. Further bits an pieces include a black and white checked scarf, a star print scarf, a gold bangle, grey knitted fingerless gloves, two umbrellas and, most recently and by far my favourite, a 'snood'.

I know we are coming to the end of winter, but Glasgow is dusted with snow at the moment and temperatures are sinking easily into the minuses every night so I feel as if a dark purple snood with a fluffy bobble on top is the perfect cosy accessory for the current climate.

Mmmm toasty warm...

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Music is Gold

I have been desperately lacking in new music. My finances tend to go on food and clothes, and recently shoes, resulting in my constant complaints of not having anything new in my CD collection. However, I have been slowly getting myself together in a delayed acceptance to the new year and last week I purchased some new and old CDs online.

Of Montreal's new album, Skeletal Lamping, was a necessary purchase in advance of their gig at the Oran Mor on the 26th January. Photos of this spectacular gig will follow shortly. After downloading a few singles of which I immediately fell in love with I was admittedly a tad disappointed with the rest of the album; quintissential bizarre Of Montreal madness. The Twilight Sad's newest album Fourteen Autumns and Fifiteen Winters is absoultely beautiful music and being from Glasgow was a purchase I wass keen to make and have in no way been disappointed.

However, the album I am currently most loving is Santogold's debut album. Electro-urban-pop clash of unstoppable dance tunes.

The right here right now of music is SantoG-O-L-D.