Sunday, 30 November 2008

Long Time No See

Well, it has been a long time since my last blog; almost an entire week! This is not good. However, I have been swept up with moving flat and as a result of this a horrific lack of internet. It makes me really appreciate it now that it is back though.

Since my blogging departure I have moved from Otago street to West End Park street; to a nice 2nd floor flat which I am currently looking out of the window of onto a garden of snow covered grass and trees. I will be stepping out into the frosty air and crunchy ground in a moment, but I had to return to my blog and start up my frequent posting again. I wish I had the talent to do as The Clothes Horse does and make a beautiful collage of the loveliness that is outside, however I know my photography skills will fail to impress.

I have also completely changed my hair. This year it has gone from light brown to red to bright orange to blue to purple to pink to pink with a sea blue fringe to dark brown with said fringe. Then my fringe has gone pink, then orange and then I died all of my hair a dark reddy brown. Nice and wintry. But, all this dying has wreeked havoc with the condition of my hair so I was forced to go to the hairdresser. I was intending to only have a wee trim, but (as is usual for me) the scent of the multitude of hair products and blow dried hair stirred up an adventurous excitement within me and I was consumed with an immediate desire to go for something more drastic.

The results:

Monday, 24 November 2008

GFW - The Aftermath

Do apologise about the lack of blogging; nothing to do definately does breed laziness! I have had Friday and Saturday off, and did less and less as the weekend progressed. Thankfully I did at least go to Glasgow Fashion Week so my time has not been completely ill spent. I must admit though it was a tad disappointing...

Pictures here from bottom to top: Benito Fernandez, as with Veronica De La Canal, were supposed to be doing "haute couture" collections. If you scroll down and look at Fernandez clothes I would suggest they look more like Essex girls on a Saturday night inspired than haute couture. The only outfit that had something about it was the bottom left orange dress with ruffle hem. It stood out against the other dissppointments anyway and did seem out of place from the other mini palavas.

Then we have Marcelo Senra; with his no originality tribal inspired desgins. I will give him credit for some of the detail though.

Mac Millan, the headliner, was definately the best, my favourite; all in all it was OK. There were interesting shapes and the last dress (the one I featured two photographs of top right and middle with the designer herself) was stunning.

Overall I was not overwhelmed. The best part of the night was definately all of the wonderful people I met and the many drinks we consumed whilst waiting hours for each show to start.

Mac Millan

Marcelo Senra

Beneto Fernandez

Friday, 21 November 2008

Little Miss Shock Horror

This is honestly the most disturbing thing ever and although I had seen it's horrors in the film Little Miss Sunshine I don't think the full monstrous extent of this grotesque competition really sank in until I stumbled upon this website.

"Glitz and Glamour"

I don't have enough time to rant an intelligent argument at the moment, but comments please? This is truly horrific isn't it?

Oh, and by the way, not even dated; deadline to enter your little girl is the 25th of this month!

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Borne again

I have recently discovered Borne magazine and ever since have been intending to write it up up on my blog. Borne is a bi-monthly Glasgow based fashion, arts and culture magazine which produces some incredibly unique and eccentric features. And it is entirely free.

Borne not only produces some of the best fashion photography concepts I have ever seen under the art direction of Lindsay Lees and in collaboration with some stunning photographers; Armando Ferrari, Mark Seager and Jannica Honey, but it also covers mind blowing conceptual artwork, fascinating ideas, alternative music and quirky inventions such as the pillowig. One of the contributors is even fellow blogger Susie Bubble.

A particular shoot I thought was fascinating was directed by Ruth Paxton, photographed by Jannica Honey and with model and burlesque performer Missy Malone in which six typically American characters were dropped into a Scottish Highland background. I liked it because it was unsual; something different from the standard fashion shoot because it was not about the clothes, it was esentially about the concept and what the art director and her team were trying to say.

I fully recommend anyone who lives in Glasgow picking this up! With complete humour, sharp wit and intelligence (espeically in the form of columnist 'Boo, you whore') this magazine would fully satisfy anyone who loves fashion, music, art and a bloody good read.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Glasgow Fashion Week

I have just received an invite to Glasgow Fashion week which has clashed with a lot of my work shifts, but better late than never anyway! It's the 19th till the 21st this week and shows run from 1pm till 7pm each day; and I was originally working all three nights. Fortunately, although I do desperately need the hours, I managed to get the Friday night off. It is probably the best one as it is the last night and I am going to attend on Thursday, also for the first half.

The events are spread across two Glasgow venues; The Winchester and Arta. On the Thursday I will be looking forward to Tantrums & Tiaras show with Boudiche: combining stunning headpieces with lingerie, which will be on 2pm at Arta. However, it may clash with Veronica De La Canal who is a must at 3pm at The Winchester. Quite well known in Argentina, Veronica's haute couture designs are Romantic and Baroc influenced; making stunning corsets and show pieces. Something I certainly don't intend to miss and should be able to squeeze in before work.

On the Friday Shazia Saleem, who take her inspiration from weavers in India's ancient cities and towns, makes socially conscious ready to wear clothes which are currently available on through the Laden showroom. Her show will be at 4pm at The Winchester.

Ending the three day event is Mac Millan who was nominated for Scottish Designer of the Year 2007.

It's all very exciting!!

Monday, 17 November 2008


Although I still wholeheartedly believe there is enough happening in Glasgow (and still growing) to have a vibrant career in fashion and that more focus needs to be brought to such a stylish city I did apply for a job in London today.

It is an amazing job, although I am going to keep hush hush on what it is and who for as I have no idea what my chances are of getting it. Although it is in London and goes against my stubborn point that I do not have to go there in order to be successful in fashion; I still maintain I don't and that it would be more stupid to not apply simply because it happens to be in London!

So wish me luck and we shall see what happens!

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Reiss skirt

Last night I had my first Saturday night off in months and we really went to town to celebrate. My boyfriend and I went for dinner at La Vallee Blanche; a French restaurant above Fopp on Byres road. A small candlelit restaurant which has been open since February, but has seemingly picked up very well and all through word of mouth. It serves the most exquisite food, mostly meet which is not brilliant for yours truly, but thankfully I eat seafood otherwise the restaurant choice would not have been the smartest. I started with langoustine's cooked in herbs and served with a garlic mayonnaise dip and my boyfriend had smoked salmon. My langoustine's were breathtakingly delicious. For seconds I had a pumpkin risotto which, again, was amazing and my boyfriend had the Angus beef fillet steak which he claims was fantastic, although the portion was a little on the small side. I was stuffed, so no dessert for me, but he had an apple souffle which was spiced with cinnamon and I must admit I could not resist stealing a spoonfull.

I finally wore my Reiss skirt and took some overly posey photographs to show it. I wore the white vest on the night out, but teamed the skirt with the black and white striped ruffle bustier, also from Reiss, to show the outfit together as a whole.

Saturday, 15 November 2008


I am simply posting this to apologise for lack of blogging. I should be writing a lengthy blog, but I have neither the brains or the energy to do so right now. I have had very little sleep in the last 72 hours and I am about to take a nap before I head out tonight. Finally going to wear my Reiss skirt though!!

Will post photos of it up after! And blog something more interesting.

Check out my article in The Skinny's December issue about the Glasgow Craft Mafia's Va Va Vintage fair!!!!!

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Galliano again

I know this will appear pretty slow, and it is, but it took me a while to realise the Galliano shoes in my previous blog about my bedhead were not partly a mirror reflection. I saw it soon afterwards that the bottom is an extra stack on the sole, but I still find it hard to not see a mirror reflection when I look at it!

Outstanding designs making me hallucinate.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

John Galliano spring 2009

For the past couple of days I have been glued to my laptop, updating and promoting my blog, adding and customising a spin-off focused on bargain buy versions of fashionable styles and writing a preview for the Skinny on the Glasgow Craft Mafia's Va Va Vintage show at Queen Margaret University on the 4th December. I found out I had to do this yesterday and it needs to be in by the end of today so that has taken precedent over anything else I do with my day, including getting out of my pyjamas.

The only thing that will get me up and showered is the fact that I have to go to Edinburgh today, otherwise my striped cotton pyjama bottoms, batman t shirt and insanely messy hair would stay as dirty and crazy as when I woke up this morning. The only consolation I have when I look in the mirror and see my mess of a 'do is the fact that it looks nowhere near as bad as John Galliano's models for his Spring 2009 show. My hair does look mental when I wake up, but thankfully it does not look that bad.

Now I need to get out of my comfortable filth rut and get showered and glamourous; perhaps in a pair of Galliano's fantastically sculptural heels.

Do you think it is possible to get a bargain version of these?

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Moss at Christmas

I do love a few of Kate Moss's items from her Christmas collection, especially the 'leopard dress' and the 'triangle rock' dress, both of which have seemed to have disappeared off the website since I first looked (less than 2 weeks after the range was launched) and have been unavailable at any Glasgow Topshop. But, with the 'leopard dress' already overpriced at £110, and currently selling on Ebay for £200 and rising, and the 'triangle rock' dress priced at £50, but likely to go for double that, I can't even begin to contemplate affording them.

Then, yesterday afternoon before work, I was wandering in and out of shops along Buchanan to get out of the rain and in the window of H&M I spy a dress identical in style and far from identical in price to Kate Moss's 'triangle rock'. Leaving aside the much saught after Comme des Garcons range for the moment, I must praise this dress. I did go off H&M for a while, but this moment proved to me that it should not be looked over, because when it does come up with some fantastic outfits they always have the fantastic price tag to match. So, here I am copying Kate Moss's pose and working her outfit, but at £19.99 instead. This dress also comes in black and gold stripes and silver stripes; each alternating one being glittery like this purple dress.

I also went a bit purple crazy and bought purple glittery hoops for £1.99 which also come in black glitter and silver glitter. I might not wear them all together for fear I might look like a Ribena blackcurrent, but they would be perfect to brighten up an outfit.

In fact, when I bought the dress I was wearing pink tights from Primark at a bargain price of £1 and I did think they went with the dress in a nod to Susie Bubble's colour palette clashing/blending and maybe for a less dressy outfit and a more wacky day attire with my fave converse, a blend of pinks and purples would be a good choice.

All of this is leading up to a new idea I had which is to find a bargain of the week and add it as an extra to my blog of fancies which actually possess a sensible price tag! So look out for it.

Rachaels' weekly fancies: whatever you fancy at a price you can afford!

Friday, 7 November 2008

Comments and Colours!

I have my first comment! It says it's written by me, which I don't understand and seeing as it's complimentary does not look too great, but I swear I did not write it and, in fact, have no idea who did. But thank you!

As the cold Wintry weather is upon us (although it was in fact middle Autumn yesterday) I am trying to put colour back in to my wardrobe. This is more difficult that I thought it would be as for the length of time that I had brightly coloured hair I tended to wear monochrome and let my hair to do the shouting. Plus, I do love monochrome. Although I still have a touch of pink in my hair, most of it is dark brown and I must have colour to prevent me feel shrunken by the doom and gloom weather. So I rebelled with the orange skirt (note: must get photos of this wonder up). But, it's not only my clothes, the same goes for my make-up.

Roughly two years ago I experimented wildly with various colours; mixing and blending to some pretty good effects. I don't wear make-up anywhere on my face apart from my eyes and I started with the fiddly liquid eyeliner when I was 14, so have had almost 10 years of practice. My influences have always been dramatic and alternative; always copying the catwalk make-up as opposed to the toned down street version. However, in the past couple of years I have become lazier. I would still do dramatic eye make-up, but usually only for a night out and stick with a simple black across the top finishing in a retro flick. However, yesterday I decided to splash some colour against my all black attire that I am forced to wear for work. Oh, and some emerald green tights to finish it off.

Not the most detailed and perfect finish, but it certainly brightened up the day.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Halloween in London

I first heard about White Mischief when they added me on MySpace about their latest event 'Around the World in 80 Days'. It was sold to me as a one night indoor festival combining live music with vaudeville and circus acts and fancy dress galore. I was immediately interested after recognising some of the fantastic announced acts, such as Miss Behave, through the Edinburgh Fringe Festival I decided it would be a fun thing to try out. This event was on the 7th June. At the time I was in Carmarthen, Wales at University and going to London for the weekend was a fairly regularly occurance. It never seemed too much for me to do as I have so many family and friends there to visit that White Mischief is just another excuse to see them. I managed to easily convince my boyfriend to accompany me and that weekend it was off to London!

Although I do love dressing up I had no idea of the amount of effort people put into their costumes. It was extraordinary. 'Around the World in 80 Days' had time travellers, exotic beauties, 'machine punk', explorers, the balloon itself and a gold man with a boat on his head of course!

The music ranged from swing to indie/punk to electro to Jacques Brel. The people looked fantastic, but not intimidating. We both felt considerably under dressed, but has the most amazing time.

Before I even began to consider what I was doing for Halloween, on the 21st of September I got an email from the people of White Mischief, announcing they had teamed up with Whoopee for a Halloween bash like no other at 33 Portland Place, the home of Edward Davenport. Very fancy. Although when they sent me the email the location of the party was secret and it was not until that same week that I knew where it was apart from central London! The theme was 'House of the Sandman' and I immediately resolved to go as a clockwork doll and my boyfriend as one of the sandman's victims. After rummaging around vintage shops, borrowing from lucky friends who just happen to have an original Victorian bustle and rifling through my parent's costumes from performances gone by, we managed to assemble two pretty impressive outfits.

The night was not as good as the first one we attended, partly due to the venue being completely ill fitted for a party: the only way to access the toilet and smoking area was down a tiny staircase only one person wide, necessitating a back against the wall sliding up or down the stairs affair in order to pass anyone which is incredibly difficult with a giant key sticking out of your back! Or any costume for that matter. And, of course, all of the acts were upstairs, but as it took up to half an hour just to get up a thin winding staircase a lot of acts were missed and it had to be something we really wanted to see or a desperate need to go to the loo to get us to attempt facing the unpleasant squashed stairs. There was that and also the extortionate drinks prices. £5 for every drink; one measure of spirit or a tiny 330ml bottle of beer! We spent something close to £75 and it might as well have been nothing after sweating it all out on the staircase. Unlike Scala, where they held 'Around the World in 80 Days' which is actually a club venue, this was completely inappropriate for a mass of people with costumes sticking out left right and centre. They also hadn't even bothered to decorate it, presumably relying on the house itself to provide the Halloween-spooky atmosphere. It was a beautiful and impressive feel, but for me it was certainly not in any way scary or anything like the House of the Sandman.

The next White Mischief is on the 10th November which doesn't leave quite enough time for me to save money and go down to London again, but I would definitely like to go to another event in the future and hope that this was just a temporary oversight as opposed to an over expensive event without much effort put in. Saying that I still had an amazing time as did most of the people there, but with a few tweaks here and there and perhaps a few drinks before going I think it would be a mind blowing extravaganza.