Thursday, 18 February 2010

Just a tribute

It seems wrong for a fashion blog not to post up an immediate commemoration for the late Alexander McQueen, but in all honesty when I heard about it my first reaction was not "Oh my god I need to blog about this" and as I'm not a day to day (as much as I try and fail) I will only mention it now I have finally plonked myself down in front of my computer. And because I must.
I must because not only was he one of the world's favourite designers, he was one of my favourite designers. I don't often blog about designers as I often can't relate to fashion as it's seen on the catwalk. I try so hard to be a fashionista, but most of the time if I'm looking at fashion forward blogs or runway pictures I am pretending to like it when in actual fact I am thinking "that looks rubbish I would never wear that." Not the most intellectual thought there, but an honest one at least.

Alexander McQueen is one of the few designers I have blogged and thought about that I genuinly love. I read an interesting article somewhere (foolishly can't remember, but it was most likely the Guardian) which glanced over the question of whether his label will continue without the distinct vision of its creator? Who knows. If it doesn't though, there will be a lot to remember him by.

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