Thursday, 11 March 2010

A freckle faced red head girl...

Last week I dyed my hair dark red. I have been obsessing over the idea of having red hair for quite a while; suddenly noticing natural red heads on the street and oozing jealousy over their burning locks.

I can't get the light reddish blond look without bleaching and it wouldn't look natural anyway, so I have been forced into the dark reddish orange look - but I love it!

I tried henna first. And boy is that time consuming. 20 minutes preparation, 4 hours on the head...for a slight hint at red hair! It looked great on the bottom where my hair becomes lighter due to bleaching long ago and not having had a hair cut in WAY too long, but everywhere else you could barely notice. Nice, but not nice enough.

So I had to return to the unnatural, "evil" but effective chemist bought hair dye. Still, my hair is now and orange hinted deep red and (despite slight fading at the ends - curse you bleach!!) it looks perfect. I love it.

Which is just as well as I will never be a natural red head. So know when I look on in envy at those gorgeous gingers at least I will be comforted by the flash of red in my reflection on the shop window...


  1. Hi Rachel!!,

    I have a fashion/random musing blog and I was just wondering-would you have a look at it?? I kind of stumbled onto your blog and it's all about my kind of jazz!! :D
    Also, I was wondering, if I was to publicize your blog, would you publicize mine?
    Please give it a shot! :D


  2. Cute blog!!! Those lucky gingers, but your now one of them!!

  3. I LOVE this hair colour. Especially on Julianne Moore :)