Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Hot Foot

It is so definitely summer time now! OK so the heat wave in Scotland only lasted 3 days, but the sun is still shining and it is still summer clothes weather.

I am reeling at all the lovely summer skirts and dresses I already have (this is a first as usual I never have enough) and how much it pleases me that I can wear them. But, the most exciting this has to be that I have not worn socks in a few days! And this has brought out the very necessary foot accessories.

I am not a fan of feet. I intensely dislike my own and other peoples unless I have given them permission (for their feet to be liked). The only way I can handle my feet being shown in public is to do them up with nail polish and ankle bracelets....and maybe even a toe ring or two. I could do without the jewellery (NEVER the nail varnish) but, let's face it, my feet just look nicer when the jingle.

I seem to have lost my ankle bracelets that I purchased in India so I have been borrowing my mum's. But this cannot go on and so I am on the hunt to find a pretty ankle bracelet...preferably one that jingles.

Where to start...


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  2. Hey your blog is next to mine, so we're kinda blogging neighbours :D and I agree with you on feet, I also never show them in public without nail polish x

  3. I never show my feet. Even in summer they are covered. I can't be bothered to attempt to pretty them up either, so thank goodness the weather here rarely begs one to bare their toes.