Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Consequence of Sounds

I saw Regina Spektor the other day at the O2 Academy. She was absolutely wonderful. I must confess I was a tad disappointed...if I'm going to be nit picky then I would say I was expecting her to be a bit more talkative. Although her performance was wonderful and she was very sweet there was nothing personal about the gig. She didn't address Glasgow or the audience in a way that felt she was playing especially for us, which I really like in a performer. The only part of the gig that felt unique was when a fan threw a t shirt on stage and it hit her in the face.

Only Glasgow.

Still, it was very enjoyable and I got the opportunity to listen to some of my favourite songs of hers. 'Us', 'Samson', 'Sailor Song' and 'Poor Little Rich Boy' to name a few. She also spoke/sang a peculiar (and very cute) poem about boys and the colour of their eyes and played lots of tracks from her new album.

My favourite is definitely 'The Caluclation' and 'Eet', but they really stood out as catchy pop tunes. Once I listen to the album more I think the slower ones will maybe get my attention. It always takes a good few listens before I get into an album properly

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