Wednesday, 2 December 2009

London Baby Yeah

I have just got back from a trip down to London. I love it. I'm still not entirely sure if I could live there, but boy do I love to visit.

I saw friends and family. I went to see A Serious Man at the Curzon Soho; a film described by one critic as written by Woody Allen and directed by David Lynch...not far off to be honest! I went to see Inherit the Wind at the Old Vic. It was absolutely excellent and both Kevin Spacey and David Troughton were brilliant. I wasn't particularly keen on the man who played the journalist, he had a phoney "newsman" accent, but apart from that it was incredibly powerful, standing ovations all round. And to finish off that particular treat of an evening we had dinner afterwards at Live Bait which was so delicious! Everything on the menu looked good so I had a hard time deciding, but eventually I went for the "create your own" in which you pick the fish, the sauce, and the side. They burnt my salmon so I had to wait for them to cook it again (they wouldn't even produce the original crisp as they informed me they would only serve it if it was perfect). This meant we got free desserts so I can't complain! All very yummy.

Naturally, I did a bit of shopping. As a wide eyed innocent Scottish girl I am drawn into Topshop in Oxford Circus. I try to avoid it. I went to Camden and bought very cool fake ray ban clubmaster frames which are terribly made, but I still can't wait to get lenses in them and see how long they last!

But, despite my Camden outing I couldn't resist and ended up spending far too long in the accessories department (over an hour!) before giving in to my strong urge of rummaging around the basement floor at the various overpriced labels they have on show.

What I took away from that trip (apart from some cheapo glasses and some gorgeous high waisted button up wool swing trousers in the style of Katharine Hepburn or Ginger Rogers)

was that I LOVE tights. I love them. I almost always wear skirts and dresses and it's so great to mix up the patterns on my legs. Especially in winter when you can get those warm woolly cosy tights. Yum.

I got a pair with a tiger crawling down the leg, spots, House of Holland alphabet tights and black and white leg tights. And I would get more if I could! Tights, tights, tights...they are my new obsession!

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  1. Hey,
    Do you know if they have any House of Holland tights in Glasgow?