Thursday, 18 September 2008

The Detail - Ruffles??

I have noticed ruffle detailing beginning to bloom in fashion for a while now. From Keira Knightley sporting an Erdem purple ruffle mini dress for the premier of Edge of Love to Eva Longoria's dramatic floor length gown.

I absolutely hate them. Keira's dress is probably the one that I think is a pretty dress; the main problem with it being it is disturbingly far down her chest and yet looks as if there is no danger of anything being on show. So Keira looks saggy breasted and Eva looks like she has been plastered with crepe paper. Both of these women are stunning at least so manage to pull these dresses off. As I said, Keira's dress is very pretty and that is because the ruffles are minimal and around the bust area (if the dress was in the right place) giving her detail in all the right places and this is the only time I see ruffle dresses working. And that is not enough.

Flicking through Elle's October 2008 I noticed they have focused on ruffles as a celebrity inspiration, using Keira and Eva's dresses as examples and noting that they shall be replacing prints this season. I sincerely hope not. Virtually every single dress is so disgustingly tacky I cannot believe anybody would seriously want to wear it. Thandie Newton wears a low neck pink dress with ruffles along the shoulders, neck and bust reminding me of sickly icing on a hen night's celebration cake. Georgina Chapman's red dress is otherwise a slick tulip skirted dress giving a nod to the new power dressing that is apparently coming our way. But, no, she could not simply leave it at that; they had to put two red pom poms on her shoulders to masquerade as sleeves. She looks out of proportion in this unflattering cocktail dress which is half suit, half flamenco dancer.

According to Elle the other celebrity inspiration was 'dark glamour'. Lace, black and Gothic elegance. This I like. As far as I will go with ruffles will probably be a cute ruffle mini skirt. Less is more and none at all is even better.

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