Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Herald shoot

Finally, I am writing up The Herald shoot. I wrote my last blog daily and when I stopped to take a break for my final year exams etc it was so hard to get back into it by the time I opened up my account it was 3 months later! This brought me on to revamp my blog by beginning again and I really have to stay on top to do it regularly.

Anyway, enough of telling myself off. When I graduated and came back to Scotland I spent a good chunk of August emailing various Scottish fashionistas. As I want to get into fashion journalism the papers seemed a good place to start. The Herald has a fashion supplement on Saturdays and the Sunday Herald has one also so I immediately emailed the Editor. She passed me on to Kelly Cooper-Barr who is the Fashion Editor.

After a lot of badgering I managed to persuade her to let me come and watch a shoot. So on Tuesday 9th September I attended a much anticipated shoot for the Saturday magazine. A days shooting encompasses two separate shoots so we were doing lace and check/tartan. I was so excited and incredibly nervous as it was the first, I hope of many, shoots I would be attending. Everyone was incredibly welcoming and friendly, however, so there was no need for nerves! It was such a stark contrast between my experience at The Daily Mirror when I worked on their fashion page in 2006. To begin with I never managed to leave the office so although I have inside experience it did not fulfil everything I wanted to do. The main down point of that experience, however, was how unfriendly and cold the girls I was working with were. From the moment I stepped in to The Glasgow Art Club in which we were doing the first [tartan] shoot, everyone came over and introduced themselves. In The Daily Mirror I had barely a hello, let alone any attempt at conversation. I also remember I spent the entire time desperate for something to do; constantly going from person to person asking if I could help when more often than not I was dismissed to read a magazine or watch girls take unlabelled jewellery from the store room. On this shoot I was piled with work, and not just tidying or sitting, but actually arranging clothes, putting them together for outfits and feeling useful!

During the tartan shoot it was discovered the photographer would be unavailable in the next week or so and they needed to put together a concept for another shoot to do later that day. Kelly decided on knitwear, fitting due to our autumnal weather. We had two designer pieces, but needed three more outfits so Kelly gave me the job of going out on to the high street and collecting items to create the 3rd and final shoot of the day. I was tremendously excited about this opportunity to be involved, especially given that I was expecting to only watch and get people coffee. We were thinking chunky knitwear; getting bold pieces which would be the centre of the outfit, requiring only simple matte black leggings and black heels to complete it.

Missoni's A/W collection this year is something similar to the look I was thinking of. Thick, heavy knitwear kept very simple to make a bold statement. I picked up pieces from high street stores such as Urban Outifitters, Topshop and Warehouse with American Apparel stocking a good selection of shiny and matte leggings to get that spray on leather pants look that is becoming very big this season and although I'm not a leggings wearer I am considering getting some for myself.

Another designer of the thicker knitwear this a/w is Sandra Backlund. I really like this look a lot and it inspired me to pick a knitted dress from Urban Outfitters for one of the outfits. Buckland's designs are knitted statement jumpers and dresses which don't need to be worn with anything else. Every year there's a place for knitwear and this year I like it to be huge.

So, because of picking these outfits I am getting credited in The Herald for the shoot!! I do not know yet which Saturday will see my name in print, but as soon as I do it will be put up here. I honestly cannot wait. I am hoping it is the beginning of many more and I am very excited about going along to another shoot with Kelly.

Now I need to acquaint myself better with the shops of Glasgow so that next time I can do this job without rush and knowing exactly where to pick up the best outfits possible.

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