Friday, 27 March 2009

Freak Out

Last night was The Big Freak Zombie special. Overworked and tired I was not in the spirit to go dancing. Stress and working almost 50 hours a week, although not being the definitive reason, has certainly not helped my eczema which has been so awful recently it has put me in a slump. I have a rash which is almost certainly contact allergy related and spreads from my face down my neck across my body and my thighs. It is unbearable and I am a miserable non fashion conscious wreck.

I do apologise.

It is difficult to care about what I am wearing when all I can see is red skin and all I can think about is how itchy I am.

Anyway. Enough of the negative ranting.

I went to The Big Freak as a reviewer for Briccolage; a new zine focusing on the underground arts scene in Edinburgh. Along with the Knitty Kitty interview which I conducted on Sunday it will appear in the first issue out on the 10th April. Knitty Kitty herself had a stall set up in one of the booths in Medina, the club venue, and I caved in and purchased a Bingo ball necklace, a knitted chain necklace with a retro transformer tape/ dinasoar, a band aid bracelet, a dino skeleton earring, a fuse earring and a pink ribboned pirate ship hair clip.

I cannot WAIT to start feeling better and wearing it all again.

PS. I am detoxing and going on a macrobiotic type diet to see if anything sorts it. And I had acupuncture today - frightening, but incredibly relaxing. Defintately feeling spaced out now.

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