Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Getting into the swing of things....

I wake up every day and I would say my mood decides my style for the day. Variables include what music I am currently playing over and over again, what film I saw recently, what girl I walked past on the street who inspired me with a unique styling decision, the colour of my hair, my mood and what I see when I look in the mirror.

Although nothing tends to stay the same I have noticed a trend in the past few months, maybe even extending back as far as the past year, that I almost constantly wear dresses. Whether I am wearing 80s jumper dresses with clashing tights or 40s tea dresses my jeans appear to be sitting ignored in my bottom drawer. Occasionally I glance at them and sometimes I even take them out and, on a few rare occasions, I put them on and go to the shops in them. I do feel a twinge of guilt at my poor neglected trouser collection, however I cannot see me switching back to them permanently any time soon. Especially as I have returned to my retro phase, going somewhere between having Jackie Wilson constantly spinning on my record player or swaying to some 60s soul.

The love of the music definitely effects my styling and I have once again pulled out the petticoats, halters, shorts and started quiffing my hair (not long enough to do the proper styles yet!!). The music has also inspired me to finally take up swing dancing classes like I have been meaning to do for so long. I just want to be able to be at a party, chatting away, when all of a sudden some jive is put on the radio and I grab my partner and swing dance till dawn.

I went to my first class the other week with a couple of girl friends and thoroughly enjoyed it. There is no need to go with a partner and there are me there (just make sure you get one who knows what he's doing as a strong lead is essential). However, after I left the class I realised I had noone to practice with so have been determined to find a suitable male partner. After asking a boy I work with who seemed interested I turned around to find my relatively new (but superbly wonderful) boyfriend asking why I had not suggested he go with me. Now, without trying to offend, but the idea had not crossed my mind simply because I didn't think it was the kind of thing a guy who likes metal would want to do. How wrong I was. Not only has he proven how brilliant a boyfriend can be by offering to go dancing with me, he has shown me how well he knows me by actually also loving Jackie Wilson. More than me in fact.

So we are going to our first swing class tomorrow. I have beenb unable to resist the temptation of 5os dresses these days and both of us are so excited!!

Although I don't think he's told his friends yet....

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