Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Shopping wheee

After having abstained from shopping successfully I finally gave in yesterday and went on a mini Charity Shop only spree. Ok, so I may have strayed a tad from Charity Shops, but I was still pretty good. It started off in Shelter where I bought Labyrinth and The Big Lebowski on video (how retro) as I have an old tv with a built in video player and they were only 99p each. Then it was Oxfam where I got a pair of Killah red and gold wedges which were apparently a size 4, but I'm a 5-6 so I don't know how I fit into them. But, I did and I'm happy!

Then we strayed from the charity shops down Ruthven Lane and into Starry Starry Night in which I purchased a 50s apron dress. I was going to stitch a trangular panel into the back and belt it, but as a temporary measure I pinned the back in the middle, giving the excess material a cape effect which I am starting to prefer. Then, my friend took me into a shop I had never been into before called Glorious in which I was forced to buy three amazing dresses. And when I say I was forced it is with little exaggeration. A jumper dress, open down the sides, so a boob tube is on my shopping list. A fringed flapper dress with a lace neck. And, the best buy I could have seeing as it looked so hideous on the rack; a Karen Millen dress: black with different coloured sequinned squares. It is a bodycon fitting and currently knee length though soon to be chopped into a mini. It is AMAZING.

Now I just need an excuse to wear them out. But, stay off the booze!!

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