Monday, 16 November 2009

Che Camille

I have definitely been out of the loop.

Not even taking into account my last blog, my last ANYTHING stylish or otherwise was longer ago than I care to share. Being heavily involved in Big Man Walking was an absolutely amazing experience, but has torn me away from all things fashionable and (from all that outdoor work) led me into all things woollen and knitted. Now, don't get me wrong, there are such things as fashionable winter wear. You know, you get them in the titles of unimaginative fashion features such as "cosy knits" and "winter warmers"...but when you're really cold (and I mean REALLY cold like a pair of woolly tights and Laboutin heels just aren't gonna cut it) then style is not on the forefront of your mind. I tried my best. I got a nice 80s style Topshop baggy cream knit and a very very warm Norwegian cardigan which is very hippy chic. But, they don't look so saucy when they're the fifth layer and I look like the Michelin man.

No. Not so saucy.

So, here I am getting back in the loop and what better way to start than by going to Sewing Roots: Ethical Brands?! Having started at the very trendy venue Che Camille on Friday 9th of this month and finishing on Friday 9th December I shall certainly be popping my head in to see some exciting ethical fashion and hopefully popping out with my own environmentally friendly attire.

And most importantly; popping out in style!

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