Monday, 23 November 2009

Skunk Anansie

Saw Skunk Anansie last night.

After 9 years of being apart Skunk Anansie reformed and, last night, played at the O2 Academy. Having listened to Hedonism (Just because you feel good) through my sadness, Selling Jesus through anger and Weak when I wanted a good sing-song (I was of the emotional teenager variety who felt little emotion other than anger and sadness), I was met with feelings of nostalgia as I bought the tickets for this November gig.

None of this phased me, however, I was so excited about hearing all of those songs mentioned plus many more. Cheap Honesty, Charlie Big Potato, Twisted(Everyday Hurts). And from the moment they came on stage there were even more. Songs I didn't even realise I missed and some I didn't think I liked until I heard them. Even better was that this wasn't a trip down memory lane. It didn't fling up old high school memories of over emotional dramatic teenage sadness. Not one bit.

The gig felt fresh. Skin rocked up on stage wearing black sequinned harem pants and a gold mane which covered her head and upper torso entirely. For the first song she was a gold sparkly cousin it from the Addams Family, her piercing eyes only occasionaly appearing as she belted out the chorus.

Needless to say, Skin was absolutely sensational. She walked into the crowd, held up by her ankles and sang with her all might - which is pretty damn impressive! She has the most amazing voice and if I could sing like anyone it would definitely be her voice I would want to snap up.

I'm in love. Even the new songs sounded quite good. I think I might have to check out Smashes and Trashes: the ultimate test would be, after I've had the hits on my Ipod for the next few weeks 'can I listen to Skunk Anansie in 2010?'

I think, maybe, I can.

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