Saturday, 21 November 2009

Che I want it all

Last night was fantastic! Che Camille; a shop/ gallery space/ studio/ anything you want it to be, is an amazing space. On the 6th floor of Argyle Arcade the views across the city are outstanding. All the collections are on moveable clothes line, so an instant runway is created just with a bit of clever redcoration.

We saw shows from Bibico, Mzuribeads, Johari, Mia Nisbet, ate African food and drank fruit punch! Camille is such a warm person that you immediately feel at home amongst the cardboard gorilla and paper tree surroundings.

At the end of all the shows the clothes were rolled out and we could have a look around all of the collections we had just seen modelled so beautifully and have a sneak around the current in store collections. All of the designers, apart from Mia Nisbet, were available for a chat too.

Instead of saying more, though, I shall let the clothes speak for themselves. Here are just come of the designers selling at Che Camille right now!

Judith R Clark

As we as being available in Glasgow at Che Camille, her collection is also available at London's Junky Styling and LF Stores in LA.
And that's just three out of a huge amount of wonderful gorgeous stuff! I tried on one of Judith's gorgeous coats which I want SO MUCH! There are also photos floating around of the show, but unfortunately the camera I had was AWFUL! So I will see what I can save from those photos and post them up shortly.

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