Wednesday, 1 October 2008

are you really going out like that?

As soon as I saw Anna Selezneva sporting this hairstyle at the Yves Saint Laurent a/w 08 show I remember thinking 'wow that model has crazy hair', but thinking it must be a one off because, well, she can't see anything surely?

Since then I have seen her and her annoying hair an black lipstick affair poke up in several magazines. Perhaps it is an array of magazines drawing upon the same show or time frame to give an example for their article, but the fact is I have seen it enough to irritate me. And some more.

Does nobody else find this hairstyle ridiculously stupid? It gives me the desire the turn into her mother and ask her what every teenager with an emo haircut must find annoying: "But how can you see?" "Doesn't your fringe get in the way?" and worst of all, "You'll look back in 20 years at that haircut and regret it."

But is annoying! And I still don't know how she can see out if it!!!

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