Saturday, 4 October 2008

Cocktails and Tea Sets

The other night I was through in Edinburgh to see one of my friends. We decided, much against her wishes, to go and see 'The Duchess'. I wanted to see what all of the fuss was about. My friend hates Keira Knightley as she has an annoying face. This is true, she has the smug pouty expression she often pulls which is unbearable. Joe Wright, her director in 'Pride and Prejudice' and 'Atonemenent' seemed to manage to control this and play down the pout which is perhaps why her acting was so acclaimed in those films.

Despite the pouty madam I really enjoyed the film. I did think Knightley played the part well and Ralph Fiennes was absolutely excellent; giving what could have been a two dimensional character real depth. My friend even admitted she had a tear in her eye at one particularly sad part of the movie.

Afterwards we decided to go for a drink to catch up and have a general chit chat. But, we weren't going to go to any old pub. Oh no. We had to go somewhere fitting for 'The Duchess'. So I took her to 'The Roseleaf' which is down by the shore in Leith. The Roseleaf is decorated with antique nicknack's. The friendly staff provide table service for food and if it is quiet. The toilet cubicles have little chalk boards and a china dish with 'rings and things' inscribed on it holds different coloured pieces of chalk to dissuade from any permanent graffiti and to inspire the artist within to draw a little doodle. We went there for the cocktails which are reasonably priced between £4 and £4.80. If two or more cocktails are ordered they serve it in a china teapot with odd china cups and saucers. Very pretty and oh so quirky. We had great fun taking photographs of us drinking tea.

For this night I decided to 'suit it up' but with a night out twist. I went for a white cream vintage style blouse from Zara, a pair of high waisted black shorts I purchased on eBay, black tights and black lace up brogue heels from New Look. Very on trend now, the new thing apparently, although I'm pretty sure they were 'the new shoe' when I got them last year.

It was a fantastic evening. First we had the 'Ginger Jerry', then 'Pear Necessities' and then finished off with 'Bourberry'. They were all amazing, left us feeling light headed and with the thought that we could probably pick any one and it would taste delicious. That and we were drinking them out of china cups!

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