Sunday, 12 October 2008


I can't believe I have not even touched my computer since my last blog. That was five whole days ago! And the last blog was not even particularly informative: I just wanted to show off my pink patent Doc Martins!!

Since my last blog I have been working a lot, attending The 'little' Big Freak and, on Friday, starting my first of four days working with The Sunday Herald as assistant stylist. Still unpaid, but I am as yet building up my experience so we will see...

I have felt completely swamped with my ever growing to-do list. I was going to write a preview for 'The Big Freak'; an alternative and fresh take on a gig/club night in the form of a one night festival event. I still intend to do it, but it was going to originally be written before I attended the 'little' promotion at The Forest Cafe in Edinburgh on Friday night, but it will now be written as a review/ preview. Although must be written in the next couple of days. I have also been writing to various people of importance to remind them I am still here and brilliant and looking for something to do and researching new people to write to and work with. But, all of this has lacked any real structure. My work is sporadic. For a few days I will be thrown into it, writing constantly and ending the day feeling incredibly productive. Then I will spend a (longer) period doing nothing and finding it harder and harder to pick up my laptop again. But, now I am feeling productive again and I will strive to keep it that way more often than not. One of the things I lack in order to do this is structure. I need to organise my ever changing daily timetable. I need discipline.

OK, so I might be trying to change myself overnight, but everyone has to start somewhere. One way, and a very enjoyable way at that, is to give myself a breath of fresh, crisp air in my clothes. I want to feel professional and on top of the game; so surely this season's new power dressing is for me? Why yes it is. But not crazy 80s with shoulder pads and acid bright suits. For me I like the more Glamorous suits. Think film noir. Think Marliene Dietrich. Think 'Lesmoking'.

I know the 80s is the particular decade that is being reflected on, and I must confess certain aspects of the trend are growing on me. I did try on a pair of harem pants yesterday.

I can see why they are causing such discussion, and have been for a long time, as they are not the most flattering trend. But I think they are such an interesting and unique shape and the idea of these structural, jutting silhouetted ladies is so appealing and, for me, quite sexy. Plus, the majority's disdain only makes me more determined to be able to pull something like that off. I'm not too competitive am I?

From seeing the trend around so much, whether being praised or tagged with the inevitable 'MC Hammer' insult, it has forced me to at least debate about what side I fall on. On Friday we were collecting outfits for the two shoots we will do on Monday and Tuesday; one of the themes being structural attire. At this point I was forced to see the items from a different angle. Not just, 'would I wear this?', but now 'how would this look on camera?', 'does it capture the trend?' etc. For example, I picked up a Balenciaga box jacket which I thought was truly hideous, yet it encapsulated the power dressing style perfectly as it formed this large square shape, kept in place by the foam material of the jacket. It made me realised how difficult and important it is to distant my tastes from fashion styling. Obviously I need an eye for it and the knowledge and ability to put together a shoot, but I need to remember that although I might not wear it, it may still be the trend and not much can change that.

However, after all the harem pants praise, I did not end up buying a pair. Instead I made a trip to All Saints which I never go to usually, but it absolutely satisfied my craving for amazing shapes.

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