Thursday, 18 December 2008

Christmas Freak

It's the last Big Freak of the 2008 and although I am still recovering from a 14 hour shift and pre Christmas exhaustion I intend to give it my all in the dressing up stakes. For the first two club nights I was inspired by a 1950's theme; wearing a yellow 50's sundress and carrying around a parasol on the first one. The second one was the Halloween special, so I continued with the 1950's theme and went for a dead housewife affair. But, after having all of my hair lopped off I am not feeling the retro theme so much and it is about time for a change. I am also in desperate need for colour as I am required to wear black at work so my thoughts turned to a dress I bought 3 years ago which has a bright graphic print of green frogs and pink hearts and could not be more colourful if it tried.

The New York based designer, Dirty Addiction, added me on MySpace when I was about 18 and her clothes are aimed at just the alterna teen demographic that I was a part of then. Her designs were Hello Kitty meets Goth meets Emo meets Dolly and I found a couple of fantastic cute one off handmade dresses; the green froggy dress being one of them. Although I am not an alterna teen any longer I am certainly not one particular type and today I felt like tutus and colour and this dress perfectly fits the bill.

I'll post up photos of the night tomorrow and inject some colour into this grey and wintry weather.

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