Monday, 8 December 2008

Furry Winter

I decided to throw on my fake leopard print coat, which I got from Thread Bare on Broughton Street Edinburgh, the other day in homage to the icy frost weather in Glasgow. The usually wet and grey Scottish winters have currently been abandoned by Mr. Weather and instead we have been granted with blue skies, icy pavements and frost covered leaves which makes that satisfying crunching noise underfoot. This is the sort of Winter weather which makes me want to go outside and dance in the snow whilst avoiding slipping on the ice and falling on my arse like a nameless friend of mine did last Wednesday night. Much to everyone's amusement of course. But, going back to the original image of Winter glamour as opposed to humiliation; this weather is the sort in which dressing for winter becomes a pleasure instead of piling on grey jumpers and trudging around in wellies and a black umbrella.

So fake fur it is then. It always makes me feel incredibly glamorous and I think that works for a few people, for example Mary-Kate Olsen when she made a maxi-dress work as a quirky evening ensemble.

I also have a wee white fake fur bolero which I think I am going to use to glam up a party dress and feel like the most eccentric lady in the room.

But, it's not just coats and jackets; hats are definitely also the thing. I must be honest, real fur is warmer, but I am determined to find myself a trendy fur hat which is made from fake fur but also incredibly toasty. I'm leaning towards a Russian inspired fur hat. Perhaps something in the style of Lightspeed Champion?

How well I could pull something like that off, I can't be sure. But, if I can find one which is warm and decently priced it will go on my head! It will also go on my "weekly fancies" blog which I admit has had a dry patch of more than a week, but it has not been forgotten! As Christmas approaches the bargain hunting will truly begin!

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