Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Gok's Fashion Faux Pas

First of all, just look at his stupid smug face.

Ok, that's as mean as I'm going to get. Because, although he can be incredibly irritating and repeats constantly (and just imagine him saying it) "The GREAT British high street" "fierce" "you go girl" and "you can look fabulous and you don't have to blow the bank", his ethos is quite good. He encourages a healthy body image and campaigns for affordable fashion which is always great.

I do think the high street can offer some great bargains, but they are not always of particularly good quality which is why he always has to add and alter his bought items. (I have also noticed he's no longer sticking to his under £200 an outfit like the last series). But, my best bargains are vintage or designer finds in charity shops and ebay etc. Something of great quality, yet with an amazing price.

The first episode we saw Brix Smith-Start's collection win. Great. More realistic and I love her. I'm guessing, however, that this was only to shut up anyone who thought the competition was fixed as I believe he won the second episode and I have just watched the third which, for no obvious reason, he also won. Now I am not a designer diva and sometimes, quite often, I think designer can look tacky and I prefer the quirky high street. But, in this episode there was no way Gok's line could meet Brix's. I mean; Vivienne Westwood suit?? It was bloody gorgeous!!

This Chambray two piece suit at £560 would have won the entire competition for me without a second thought. Brix teamed it with killer red Gucci heels and the model looked stunning.

Instead a mustard cardigan and gold jacket won. The only thing that saved this outfit was the stunning felt hat by MacCulloch and Wallis with a knitted flower by VV Rouleaux.

Ok, so maybe he's not totally useless.

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