Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Graduate Fashion

The first issue of Brikolage is out in cafes and bars around Edinburgh: check it out!!!!

I intend to get it published online, hopefully for the next issue, so a link for that will be on my blog when that happens!!

For the next issue I will be previewing the Big Freak, but what I was most excited about was reviewing the Edinburgh Art College fashion show which I went to last Wednesday. After a short break in Florence which I have just got back from I am sitting down to write about a hugely important part of new Scottish fashion.

But, after having seen the show, what most inspires me is the ECA's fantastic Performance Costume department. The fashion show is very serious; the models are thin and look bored; the clothes can be interesting and original, but don't push any boundaries and over all is it fast and loud and I am desperate for a model to crack a smile!!

The costume on the other hand is in a standard of its own. Of a highly professional quality, the costumes are exciting and beautifully made down to the tiniest detail and the show itself is incredibly entertaining.

A friend suggested that this may just be the difference between fashion and costume, but I disagree entirely. Fashion is a form of costume and catwalk fashion often delves into the outrageous. And I prefer it that way. I want to be inspired and excited, not pounded with plain outfits on plain models. OK, yes, some of the designers managed to capture some interesting ideas, but there was no risk taking, no eccentricity.

For me, when the graduates of 2009 show me what they have achieved, that is what I want to see.

3rd year costumes for 'The Way of the World'

Design by Sarah Martin

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