Friday, 29 May 2009

Sunshine on...Woodlands

Ok, pretty cool reference to The Proclaimers there (yes I am up to the minute in my cultural references). But, it is Glasgow (I do miss Leith, but not the trams thank you very much) it is May, it is HOT AND SUNNY! I won't question it oh no. I am embracing the sunshine and counting down the days until bar work is over and hard hard work that is fun and better paid begins!!

Until then though I will slog it out in the busy outside bar I will soon be joining (4 and a half hours and counting) and enjoy the sunshine when work isn't beckoning: bring on Sunday!!

I came across these sunglasses from Gio-Goi in the Mens section that are fantastically crazy and, seeing as it is glorious sunshine, it inspired me to find other ones of an equally fantastically crazy nature without the £55 price tag!

For £15 you can get these wonderfully wacky and great for this seasons 'sports chic' from Topshop.

I absolutely love these sunglasses from Miss Selfridge. An underrated high street store which right now has a lot of amazing things. These kooky creations are £12!

Now I'm going to have to stop talking about sunglasses, put some on and get out into the sunshine!


  1. love the visor ones!
    xx-LJ from SOS!

  2. These designer items are so cool, I saw items like them on holiday!