Monday, 3 November 2008

The Sunday Herald shoot 2

Before I have even written up the second day of shooting for the Sunday Herald, the first shoot came out in the Sunday Herald Magazine yesterday. I also did not even have the opportunity to pick it up as I was on the train from London all day. Yes, all day. 7 hours of traveling taking me from one bed to another. I have been slowly letting myself slide in terms of discipline as I was too ill to attend the Scottish Style Awards runway show on the 23rd of October, then I was face painting at 'The Big Freak' on the 29th and then on the 30th I went to London for a Halloween special at 33 Portland Place and general London mayhem before spending Sunday night curled up in front of Casino Royale on the DVD in preparation for Quantam of Solace on Tuesday as I somehow managed to be the only one who had not seen it yet.

I have not yet been to my flat (I am at my parents house in Edinburgh at the moment) so I haven't uploaded any photos from The Big Freak or from my London trip, although I will upon my arrival and thus will be able to blog them. Although I will put up a video of The Banana Sessions who headlined the The Big Freak event.

The second shoot, which will be out this coming Sunday, was themed with the current trend of structural shapes and hard lines. This is where designer labels come in top with a Balenciaga jacket from Harvey Nichols epitomizing the look we were going for even if absolutely everybody detested the jacket itself.

For the high street, however, Reiss stepped up against the designers with strong shapes and won me over against designer and high street alike with its bold and bright colours. From the accessories; their purple 'cubist' clutch bag or their giant black and blue feathered bag. Their chunky belts with sharp buckles and black patent cut out killer heels. From the clothes; heavy elastaned bodycon dresses, corsets and ruffled blouses and, my favourite; an acid orange tulip high waisted pencil skirt. None of these items in particular appear to be on the website, for either photographs I can put on my blog or, for some, at all and after a lengthy and frustrated Google search I will settle with waiting until Sunday to show you how we styled some of the items ourselves. Oh, and I was so taken with the orange skirt that when my grandmother offered to take me Christmas shopping on Friday we were in and out of Reiss in a matter of minutes with the skirt and a black and white pinstripe ruffle front bustier to match.

Pricey, yes, but Christmas, birthday and a bit of money from me and suddenly it seems so affordable!

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