Monday, 24 November 2008

GFW - The Aftermath

Do apologise about the lack of blogging; nothing to do definately does breed laziness! I have had Friday and Saturday off, and did less and less as the weekend progressed. Thankfully I did at least go to Glasgow Fashion Week so my time has not been completely ill spent. I must admit though it was a tad disappointing...

Pictures here from bottom to top: Benito Fernandez, as with Veronica De La Canal, were supposed to be doing "haute couture" collections. If you scroll down and look at Fernandez clothes I would suggest they look more like Essex girls on a Saturday night inspired than haute couture. The only outfit that had something about it was the bottom left orange dress with ruffle hem. It stood out against the other dissppointments anyway and did seem out of place from the other mini palavas.

Then we have Marcelo Senra; with his no originality tribal inspired desgins. I will give him credit for some of the detail though.

Mac Millan, the headliner, was definately the best, my favourite; all in all it was OK. There were interesting shapes and the last dress (the one I featured two photographs of top right and middle with the designer herself) was stunning.

Overall I was not overwhelmed. The best part of the night was definately all of the wonderful people I met and the many drinks we consumed whilst waiting hours for each show to start.

Mac Millan

Marcelo Senra

Beneto Fernandez


  1. Beneto Fernandez and Marcelo Senra looks fantastic, there are so many creative up and coming designers from glasgow, so i'm really glad and looking forward to seeing you share more of them on your here.

    also thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Great pictures, thanks for sharing.

  3. i really like the makeup that marcela senra used on their models, it is really striking. it looks better than cork fashion week (which consisted of the main department stores having a fashion show apparently) at least there was some personal creativity involved here. and a night out is always good.

  4. As a fellow Scot obsessed with all things fashion, I personally think that Glasgow Fashion Week is an embarrassment.

    I made the mistake of attending a couple of shows last year and it was the most amateurish load of old rubbish that I have ever seen.

    It was cobbled together from second rate designers and high street. I didnt bother going to anything this year and I think that judging by your photos, I made the right decision.

    Any designers worth their salt would stay clear away from this poorly organized mess!

    Rant over.

    Nice blog btw!

    Sarah xx

  5. Eek! I feel bad about being so horrible now. I think maybe it might be 'my time' soon!!