Monday, 3 November 2008

Women's Tops - Fashion Tops, Stylish Tops - Reiss Fashion

Women's Tops - Fashion Tops, Stylish Tops - Reiss Fashion

Oh, it seems I have managed to work out the Reiss website in order to show the orange skirt. I personally would not have put it with a white top. I love it with plain black or ruffles to contrast with the sharp outline of the skirt.

On a secondary note you might notice that I have previously dismissed ruffles in The Detail, but although I do not wish to retract my ruffle attack, I feel compelled to announce that I may have slightly exaggerated. Although I still detest the over the top cake like ruffles I have previously referred to, when it is contrasted against harsh structural lines I feel it works as a feminine touch; softening the look.

And perhaps it is now because I own a top with ruffles.

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  1. I love Reiss 2!!I've attached this beautiful dress i got the other day!its called Otto dress!Everybody seems to be going crazy about Reiss at the moment