Friday, 7 November 2008

Comments and Colours!

I have my first comment! It says it's written by me, which I don't understand and seeing as it's complimentary does not look too great, but I swear I did not write it and, in fact, have no idea who did. But thank you!

As the cold Wintry weather is upon us (although it was in fact middle Autumn yesterday) I am trying to put colour back in to my wardrobe. This is more difficult that I thought it would be as for the length of time that I had brightly coloured hair I tended to wear monochrome and let my hair to do the shouting. Plus, I do love monochrome. Although I still have a touch of pink in my hair, most of it is dark brown and I must have colour to prevent me feel shrunken by the doom and gloom weather. So I rebelled with the orange skirt (note: must get photos of this wonder up). But, it's not only my clothes, the same goes for my make-up.

Roughly two years ago I experimented wildly with various colours; mixing and blending to some pretty good effects. I don't wear make-up anywhere on my face apart from my eyes and I started with the fiddly liquid eyeliner when I was 14, so have had almost 10 years of practice. My influences have always been dramatic and alternative; always copying the catwalk make-up as opposed to the toned down street version. However, in the past couple of years I have become lazier. I would still do dramatic eye make-up, but usually only for a night out and stick with a simple black across the top finishing in a retro flick. However, yesterday I decided to splash some colour against my all black attire that I am forced to wear for work. Oh, and some emerald green tights to finish it off.

Not the most detailed and perfect finish, but it certainly brightened up the day.

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