Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Moss at Christmas

I do love a few of Kate Moss's items from her Christmas collection, especially the 'leopard dress' and the 'triangle rock' dress, both of which have seemed to have disappeared off the website since I first looked (less than 2 weeks after the range was launched) and have been unavailable at any Glasgow Topshop. But, with the 'leopard dress' already overpriced at £110, and currently selling on Ebay for £200 and rising, and the 'triangle rock' dress priced at £50, but likely to go for double that, I can't even begin to contemplate affording them.

Then, yesterday afternoon before work, I was wandering in and out of shops along Buchanan to get out of the rain and in the window of H&M I spy a dress identical in style and far from identical in price to Kate Moss's 'triangle rock'. Leaving aside the much saught after Comme des Garcons range for the moment, I must praise this dress. I did go off H&M for a while, but this moment proved to me that it should not be looked over, because when it does come up with some fantastic outfits they always have the fantastic price tag to match. So, here I am copying Kate Moss's pose and working her outfit, but at £19.99 instead. This dress also comes in black and gold stripes and silver stripes; each alternating one being glittery like this purple dress.

I also went a bit purple crazy and bought purple glittery hoops for £1.99 which also come in black glitter and silver glitter. I might not wear them all together for fear I might look like a Ribena blackcurrent, but they would be perfect to brighten up an outfit.

In fact, when I bought the dress I was wearing pink tights from Primark at a bargain price of £1 and I did think they went with the dress in a nod to Susie Bubble's colour palette clashing/blending and maybe for a less dressy outfit and a more wacky day attire with my fave converse, a blend of pinks and purples would be a good choice.

All of this is leading up to a new idea I had which is to find a bargain of the week and add it as an extra to my blog of fancies which actually possess a sensible price tag! So look out for it.

Rachaels' weekly fancies: whatever you fancy at a price you can afford!

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  1. Wow, that's a seriously form-fitting dress. You look great.