Sunday, 30 November 2008

Long Time No See

Well, it has been a long time since my last blog; almost an entire week! This is not good. However, I have been swept up with moving flat and as a result of this a horrific lack of internet. It makes me really appreciate it now that it is back though.

Since my blogging departure I have moved from Otago street to West End Park street; to a nice 2nd floor flat which I am currently looking out of the window of onto a garden of snow covered grass and trees. I will be stepping out into the frosty air and crunchy ground in a moment, but I had to return to my blog and start up my frequent posting again. I wish I had the talent to do as The Clothes Horse does and make a beautiful collage of the loveliness that is outside, however I know my photography skills will fail to impress.

I have also completely changed my hair. This year it has gone from light brown to red to bright orange to blue to purple to pink to pink with a sea blue fringe to dark brown with said fringe. Then my fringe has gone pink, then orange and then I died all of my hair a dark reddy brown. Nice and wintry. But, all this dying has wreeked havoc with the condition of my hair so I was forced to go to the hairdresser. I was intending to only have a wee trim, but (as is usual for me) the scent of the multitude of hair products and blow dried hair stirred up an adventurous excitement within me and I was consumed with an immediate desire to go for something more drastic.

The results:


  1. Hi

    I agree with you about GFW...I think I will maybe give it another go next year...I am sure it will improve! You really look familiar btw!

    I can't wait to help with the shoots. I've styled my own shoots for my store for years but have never helped anyone else. I just hope I dont get all bossy and try and take over!!

    Have added you to my list of blogs and bloggers that I stalk!! xx

  2. Hey missy, good work with the blog so far! Here's another you might like if you haven't found it already: - and close to home, two Glasgow girls. And, my fav online vintage store: - the owner is the sweetest woman ever!

    Lisa B (Stevo's pal) xx