Thursday, 20 November 2008

Borne again

I have recently discovered Borne magazine and ever since have been intending to write it up up on my blog. Borne is a bi-monthly Glasgow based fashion, arts and culture magazine which produces some incredibly unique and eccentric features. And it is entirely free.

Borne not only produces some of the best fashion photography concepts I have ever seen under the art direction of Lindsay Lees and in collaboration with some stunning photographers; Armando Ferrari, Mark Seager and Jannica Honey, but it also covers mind blowing conceptual artwork, fascinating ideas, alternative music and quirky inventions such as the pillowig. One of the contributors is even fellow blogger Susie Bubble.

A particular shoot I thought was fascinating was directed by Ruth Paxton, photographed by Jannica Honey and with model and burlesque performer Missy Malone in which six typically American characters were dropped into a Scottish Highland background. I liked it because it was unsual; something different from the standard fashion shoot because it was not about the clothes, it was esentially about the concept and what the art director and her team were trying to say.

I fully recommend anyone who lives in Glasgow picking this up! With complete humour, sharp wit and intelligence (espeically in the form of columnist 'Boo, you whore') this magazine would fully satisfy anyone who loves fashion, music, art and a bloody good read.

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