Friday, 20 February 2009

just YouTube it

We all know already the joys of youtube. You want to catch up on a random episode of some programme or another? As long as you don't mind watching everything in under 10 minute parts then NO PROBLEM. So much so that the broadcasters now promote their programmes on youtube so a simple case of typing in the name of something won't necessarily take you there so easily.

Youtube has become well known for it's library of short hilarious and random clips, such as "charlie bit me" or the poor grandmothers reaction upon being shown "two girls one cup". A short while ago, however, I found an entirely new use for it which although has been around for ages I thought was necessary to share as it really does, for me, give an excellent example of the wonders of youtube.

Last year when I was entering my rockabilly faze full on I realised I had to know how to do the hairstyles. I initially stumbled upon some websites devoted to vintage style providing pictures or step by step instructions for pin curls etc. But, it wasn't until I went on youtube and came across a multitude of videos SHOWING how to do victory rolls that I realised this site was useful as well as entertaining. Granted, a lot of videos are rubbish and not all methods of doing certain hairstyles were the same. But, only a few minutes later I had found the video for me.

Unfortunately my hair is too short right now as it is still growing out from the major chop I had before. I was recently reminded of these step by step videos though because, despite the challenging hair length, I am getting myself excited about the things I can do with it when it grows a few more inches. There I was; watching girls show me how to do a classic 40s chic pin-up style do when I see a link to fellow blogger vintageortacky showing how she does her inventive catwalk inspired make-up designs! Make-up too? Fantastic!!

I especially liked her Artemis in her Sailor Moon series.

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