Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Innocent Thievery

Although working in a bar is not the most inspiring of jobs it certainly does have its benefits in the form of free stuff. And I do love free stuff.

After a certain amount of time unclaimed items become property of whoever gets their hands on them first and I try my hardest to ensure that this is usually me. In the time I have been working in my bar I have acquired a man's grey cardigan which I am certain is pricey as it is very good quality; warm, looks good and is worn to death. Further bits an pieces include a black and white checked scarf, a star print scarf, a gold bangle, grey knitted fingerless gloves, two umbrellas and, most recently and by far my favourite, a 'snood'.

I know we are coming to the end of winter, but Glasgow is dusted with snow at the moment and temperatures are sinking easily into the minuses every night so I feel as if a dark purple snood with a fluffy bobble on top is the perfect cosy accessory for the current climate.

Mmmm toasty warm...

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